We can also offer a special kind of gold alloy which fulfils all the requirements for the building of a most unique and exquisite kind of flute:


The 22 carat gold alloy used in this instrument is 17.5 g/dm2 solid and possesses a most impressive density.

All the soldered elements of this flute, such as the embouchure plate, keys, rail and the column, are handcrafted and made out of 22 carat gold. And we can offer you a mechanism in silver or in either 9 or 14 carat gold.

The extreme solidness of the precious metal used bestows upon the flute a high degree of resonance and creates a full, dark, rich character to the tone of the instrument. The alloy and our special technique of finishing it to perfection both produce a hardness which, in turn, gives the flute its brilliant lustre and its shining, kaleidoscopic glints of light. The flute is tremendously balanced throughout all four registers and it equally impresses with its good modulation qualities and its flexibility.

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