9 ct 14 ct 22 ct | SILVER FLUTE Wooden Flute | Piccolo Head Joint

Our silver flutes are made out of several different silver alloys and they are available in two different wall thicknesses. Each individual silver alloy has been developed by us personally in our ateliers and has been tailor-made to suit special and individual sound requirements.

It is possible to order our silver flutes in all the usual styles and models: in-line, off-set, B-foot etc. As regards options for keys and tone holes, we are able to offer you a selection of open, ring-shaped keys, plain, closed keys or Mendler keys. And we are always prepared and pleased to make possible any special requirements that you might have regarding keys, levers or tone arms.

Our silver flutes captivate all who hear them thanks to their wonderful timbre and the excellence and intensity of their resonance. The tonal character of our flutes combines beautifully with that of other instruments, a fact which leads to perfect harmony in chamber music or against the setting of an orchestra.

The exceedingly wide variety of our selection allows you to find the very silver flute which exactly suits you, your ideas and your musical style.

We are sure that our flutes and their music will enchant you.