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Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau


How can I get to try out a Bernhard Hammig flute?


a.) We would love to welcome you to our atelier! Here in our workshops you have the chance of trying out, firsthand and in a relaxing atmosphere, silver flutes made out of various silver alloys and also our gold flutes. I will personally be at hand to assist and advise you in all your queries and I am sure that you will be most pleasantly surprised at the variety and all the various options our range of instruments has to offer.


b.) If you live too far away or you simply do not have the time to pay us a visit, it will be no   

     problem for us to send you a selection of instruments. I also gladly carry out telephonic

     consultations. I must, however, state that, before I can dispatch any of my instruments, I      

     require a copy of your identification card and the number of your credit card together with its

     expiry date. Dispatch charges are then invoiced to your account.


c.) Exhibitions: We present our instruments at flute exhibitions and festivals all across Europe

     and throughout the world. Dates of the various events can be found in the information


Why do you have such a huge variety of materials and alloys for your silver flutes and head joints?


Because flautists are so diverse in their techniques, musical styles and individual ideas, we have made it our business and our aim to do justice to the wishes of every kind of musician and, thus, to offer everyone his/her kind of flute. In other words, we build a tailor-made flute for every flautist so that you, as the musician, have the scope of developing musically in your own personal direction with the help of our “personally-designed” flutes.

How do the Bernhard Hammig head joints differ from those made by his grandfather, Johannes Hammig?


I have “modernised” the tonal character of the head joints while still preserving the typical and characteristic Hammig sound.
Today my head joints have a lighter response and they produce even more powerful and resonant tones particularly at the low end of the scale.
Why not visit us in our flute atelier where you can try out our “repertoire” of head joints in peace and quiet and in your own time? Or alternatively we would be delighted to send you a selection for you to play in your own home.



On the headjoints you can choose between two different cuts:

Traditional Cut: rich tone; wide spectrum of tone colours

New Cut: immediate response; brilliant timbre; resonant and flexible

Is the "Magic Crown" really such a big improvement, or is it just my imagination?


For this question, I always say: Try it. The effect and the improvements are very much to hear and feel, it is often so large that you mean to play a new headjoint or a new flute!

What changed the "Magic Crown" exactly?

 Your flute gets more power, they projected a lot more in the room, quick notes runs faster to be clearer and easier to play, the sound of your flute gets more shine. Many things that were previously only be achieved by practicing a lot, now work almost by themselves.


How can I try a "Magic Crown"?

You have several options:

1. You send me the headjoint, I exchange your stopper and crown from the head and send you back  


2. You go to a dealer
(see Dealer) and can be there to install the system.

3.  You have the craftsmanship and build the magic crown yourself. We can provide t
ools for installation

      for free if you like.

Tel.: +49 (0) 7821 22802

Fax: +49 (0) 7821 32487



BRAWO Stuttgart Messe,

vom 20-22 November 2020, unser Stand befindet sich:

Foyer Kongress Saal C1 7 Stand Nr. IC82



Frankfurt Musik Messe 2020:


Halle 3.0 Stand C47







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