Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau
Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau

Our 14 ct Flutes

Elegant and Flexible

With our 14ct flutes, you can choose either a red gold or yellow gold alloy. The mechanism can be
made from silver or, if you prefer, from 9 ct or 14ct gold. Our 14ct models are classic gold flutes.

Their sound is more concentrated and clearer; it is elegant, bright and very versatile. It has a life of
its own, a flexibility of tone and character.

The notes that these flutes produce are projected mevenly throughout the room, so that every member
of the audience can experience them in the same way.


This is the all-rounder among our gold flutes.


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Frankfurt Musik Messe  2020







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