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Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau


Innovative Colours of Sound

We have a very wide variety of headjoints for you to choose from. They range from silver headjoints, which are available in a variety of silver alloys, through silver headjoints with gold embouchure plates, to gold headjoints in all types of gold alloys up to 22ct.



On the headjoints you can choose between two different cuts.

Traditionell Cut: rich tone; wide spectrum of tone colors

New Cut: immediate response; brilliant timbre; resonant and flexible


Our headjoints are known for being responsive and very powerful. They offer the musician many different ways of shaping the sound and producing a resonant, lively tone from the instrument, especially when playing piano. In the top range, the tone of our headjoints is very subtle, rounded and wonderfully scintillating.




Since January 2016 we have a new silver alloy in our programm, 97% Silver, alloyes with other precious metals. This headjoints are very powerfull and have a wonderfull large sound.

You must necessarily try it!



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Music Austria 

11.Oktober bis 14. Oktober 2018

in der Halle 15 Stand 15006




Cina International Import Expo Shanghai

5.November bis 10 November Halle : 6.1

booth/ Stand: 6.1 B0-02




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