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magic crown

Find out the Real Potential of Your Flute!

For many years, the impact of the head crown and cork spindle on the sound and response of the transverse flute have been recognised.


After several extensive tests, we have successfully enhanced these two components of the flute. Thanks to the optimised combination of metal alloy, shape and weight, you can now explore and exploit the true potential of your flute.


To protect the cork spindle against deposits and oxidation inside the headpiece, both parts are rhodium-plated. In addition to its beautiful sound, our "Magic Crown" has now been given a sophisticated look. Designed to fit any flute.


The "Magic Crown" excels by providing both a direct projection and quick response. It makes your flute gleam in a new colourful vibrancy, to your certain delight.


You have the option to test the head screw and cork spindle individually; our spindles and crowns fit all relevant flute brands.





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