Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau
Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau


Prof. Roswitha Staege, Berlin

Flutes made by Bernhard Hammig - the ultimate for professional flautists! Perhaps there do exist louder instruments or some which are easier to play because they show less resistance. But where else can you find an instrument with such an individual sound and with such a spectrum of colours? Every flute has its own personality - and simply cannot be mistaken. In this respect any competition can be totally dismissed.


Bernhard Kury, The National Orchestra of Saxony, Dresden

For me - when it comes to building flutes - the Bernhard Hammig instruments almost symbolise the making possible of the impossible. They succeed in uniting almost perfectly the very individual sound of the old generation of Hammig flutes, their total depth of character, with the more demanding requirements of today - increased resonance, response and intonation and also musical mobility.
They never sound neutral, empty or give simply a "loud" impression. On the contrary they always exude a warmth, a fullness and an exciting vitality. The instruments react ideally and therefore can offer the flautist many more opportunities of creating a sound tailor-made to suit his/her own individual musical taste.
And it is particularly in the orchestra situation that the flutes become an extra-special delight - thanks to their ability to mix and match sounds and tones and also on account of their variableness. The perfection is completed by their wonderful resonance, a true delight for every listener.

Univ. Prof. Raphael Leone, Vienna
The flautists of the (The Vienna Symphony Orchestra) are convinced that Hammig flutes lend themselves particularly well to producing the special Viennese sound.
The flutes sound open, radiant and light and they combine excellently with woodwind passages, which is quite the opposite to many a sharp-sounding flute that cuts itself off from such woodwind movements.
And in piano excerpts, the tone of the Hammig flutes continues to demonstrate much substance as regards the colours produced, with the instruments not simply being just quiet and subdued.


HUZHE Soloflutist of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra,

Huzhe, born in 1981, chief flute player of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra from year 2000, keeps the record of the youngest chief player during the long histroy of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.
Study in Middle School of Shanghai Conservatory of Music during 1993 to 2000, got Master degree of Flute after learning 2years in Hamburg University of Music, also is professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music for flutes.
He played in many important shows together with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra:  APEC in 2001; 30th Anniversary of Sino-Germany in Berlin in 2004; 130th Anniversary of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in 2009 and also North America Tour; as agent for Shanghai Expo in New York in 2010; Europe Tour in 2013; for UN and South America Tour in 2015.
He is now the spokesman for Hammig Flutes in Great-China area, and uses 22ct flute with 14ct Mechansim made by Mr. Bernhard Hammig. 'The sounds is really wonderfull and I love it. Congratulation', Huzhe's comments for his flute.



Günter Rumpel, Solo Flautist in the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra (1974-2002), Lecturer at the Zurich Academy of Music and Drama, Zurich
The way that I am becoming increasingly familiar with my new flute resembles a kind of voyage of discovery. I must admit that I am totally enamoured of this instrument.
I really feel that you have succeeded in further developing the very good instruments built by your grandfather into a new style of flute, which does justice to top-level, contemporary musical tastes and requirements. Your achievements have truly enriched the world of the modern flautist.
The general "objective" requirements have all been excellently met: more powerful tone which is homogeneous throughout all registers, an increased dynamic effect and increased scope, very good response, an excellent intonation scale, good flexibility when it comes to link-ups and shifts and a precise yet silent mechanism.
And then, of course, there is the most important factor, the sound quality: a warmth without any kind of hollowness, a lustrous tone with no trace of emptiness or aggression, a power that is not overpowering, piano yet absolutely complete in essence, a restful, flowing tone devoid of any artificial character, a good balance of lightness and darkness and to complete the perfect picture an impressive degree of resonance.

Sefika Kutluer, Ankara, Türkei

That was the day I was astonished when my J.Hammig Silver Flute refused to play at a rehearsal in Izmir. It was controlled and nothing was founded wrong with it. And I was able to play the concert, next day, with much success, all was OK. Then, after a short while, we travelled to Lahr /Scwarzwald/ Germany to meet Johannes Hammig, the producer of my flutes, at the Hammig Atelier. I was shocked to learn his unfortunate passing away to eternity on exactly the day when my flute had refused to play ! This is something I can never forget, which strengthens my ties with Hammig family especially with Johannes Hammig, even though he has passed away, I still feel his existence and help in many ways. He had worked for months on my flutes producing every single part with great care and precision.

Everybody makes flutes but Hammig creates flutes with a soul and spirit! And he has created my flutes in such precision that I’m able to express my feelings. My flutes have always been my closest friends and they share all my feelings, which I display through them. I’ve recorded many CDs ( 17 of them are at distribution worldwide and several others are on the row… ) and played thousands of concerts with my Hammig Flutes, with great pleasure.

I’ve been playing Hammig flutes since 1995, happily. And I’d like to thank Bernhard Hammig for continuing the family tradition of making the best flutes of the World. He also has new inventions like the “Magic Crown” and he is experimenting new alloys at his mouthpieces, which are a great success.


Sefika Kutluer


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