Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau
Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau

Winner of the German Music Instrument Prize

"The transverse flute, from Bernhard Hammig in silver with a B foot joint came first in all three rated categories and in each case there was a very significant distance between it and the next rated instrument in terms of both objective and subjective judgements. Its position as the unequivocal winner in the transverse flute category of the German Musical Instrument Prize 2006 is therefore unassailable. It is to be seen as an artist's instrument, which offers the musician an abundance of possibilities and variety. In this respect, the jury judged the fact that the instrument has ring keys to be an asset. The tone is colourful and even. The tuning is also judged to be a great success, particularly in the problem area of C - C# and in the third octave. In the judgement of the jury, the instrument has strong, immediate appeal and is easy to play.

The German Musical Instrument Prize has been awarded in two product categories since 1991. The instruments entered for the competition are subjected to a series of tests at the Institute for Musical Instrument Making in Zwota and must demonstrate their quality:
1. in acoustic / physical tests on sound parameters
2. in a subjective, practical test by professional musicians
3. in an assessment of craftsmanship and finish by an expert.
Additionally, the products must offer good value for money and be sold either via the trade or directly from the maker."

Source: Pressemitteilung des Institutes für Musikinstrumentenbau



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