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"The new magic crown like me, know even without direct comparison, so just from memory positive changes, the flute responds more directly, is more responsive and is in the orchestral sound somehow more present for your own ear, better to locate."

"Good morning Mr. Hammig,
several times the last few days I have played the flute and the effects of the new voting stopper are "magical". "


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"... I've played and tried how it was possible and find that it enhances my instrument so clearly heard ... that it makes a great improvement in the game so much ..."

"I'm totally fascinated by the flute responds much better, even the practice is easier to me ..."

"Dear Mr. Hammig,
I would like very much to thank you for the "Magic Crown", even my colleagues noticed that I'm suddenly much more present, many weaknesses of my flute are now balanced, the flute has got a beautiful golden glow and it's now properly again fun to play ...."


Dear Bernhard,

Thank you for the magic-crown! I´m really surprised! How do you do it? My flute seems like a new flute. The sound is so much clearer and brighter. I´ve been thinking of changing the headjoint, because the sound has been feeling too soft and somehow dizzy. Now everything has changed!

Asa Gustavsson



Dear Mr Hammig,


I have tested the flute with great satisfaction: it’s fantastic and the magic crowns have very important impact on the result. I think the red gold plated is my favorite, but I comprehend the qualities of the silver also. Honestly I want both of them.


Thank you very much and best regards
Pier Ferruccio Ballerini 



Hello Mr. Hammig,
Here at home I have felt the difference more clearly.
The flute is much easier to has more volume, I need much less power and have more opportunities to shape the sound.
Even my husband has heard the difference down in his office in the basement, I have played under the roof !!
So there are currently 2 floors in between.
So now I am completely satisfied with my flute !!

Kind Regards
Cornelia Pahlke


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