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Hello Mr. Hammig, your flute is great! She has helped me yesterday on the contest, "Jugend musizirt" 25 points in to get ...

Dear Mr. Hammig, thank you for the mezzo-silver tube flute with B-foot. For me it is a real gain compared to my old flute! I like the soft, warm sound, I'm thrilled how easily the high pitch responds and how well sound the low notes. I am very happy with my instrument, it suits my needs. Good luck for your valuable work.

Let's Talk About The New Bernhard Hammig Mezzo flute ...
07.03.2013 - Hochgeladen von JoshJNYC

FINALLY, I've gotten around to making a long-ish video where I sit down with you and really talk to you about ...




Introducing the Bernhard Hammig Mezzo flute! - YouTube
15.01.2013 - Hochgeladen von JoshJNYC
Alert icon. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download ... Introducing the Bernhard Hammig ...


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