Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau
Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau

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Winner of the German Music Instrument Prize


"The tone is colourful and even. The tuning is also judged to be a great success, particularly in the problem area of C - C# and in the third octave. In the judgement of the jury, the instrument has strong, immediate appeal and is easy to play."






Dear Bernhard!

I play new flute just now, for the first time: it's a wonderful instrument, uncomparable with other flutes!
The sound is magnificient in all registers, very expressive and impressive, the flute is so beautiful...
You know that I consider the flute a "German" instrument and no French, but this flute is absolutely incredible. 
The headjoints are very, very good: you did a valuable evolution of family tradition. I think to play with the 970/000, it's warm and a top standard... but let me play some days, before choose the final solution.
I'm proud to play on your flute, I'll promote your name anywhere, in my concerts and masterclass, because you deserve it.
So, thank you again, Bernhard, hoping to meet you and try your other flutes!
All the best!

The way that I am becoming increasingly familiar with my new flute resembles a kind of voyage of discovery. I must admit that I am totally enamoured of this instrument.
I really feel that you have succeeded in further developing the very good instruments built by your grandfather into a new style of flute, which does justice to top-level, contemporary musical tastes and requirements. Your achievements have truly enriched the world of the modern flautist.
The general "objective" requirements have all been excellently met: more powerful tone which is homogeneous throughout all registers, an increased dynamic effect and increased scope, very good response, an excellent intonation scale, good flexibility when it comes to link-ups and shifts and a precise yet silent mechanism.
And then, of course, there is the most important factor, the sound quality: a warmth without any kind of hollowness, a lustrous tone with no trace of emptiness or aggression, a power that is not overpowering, piano yet absolutely complete in essence, a restful, flowing tone devoid of any artificial character, a good balance of lightness and darkness and to complete the perfect picture an impressive degree of resonance.

Günther Rumpel



Dear Mr. Hammig, with great pleasure that I have been playing for 4 years Hammig flute. Even for a layman musician has a lot to offer this wonderful instrument. The sound I would describe as distinctive and unique. With the Hammig flute I bought an instrument for life and have always enjoy it. It is also great as you can when buying try and tune the instruments with different mouthpieces. Thus I was able to purchase an individual instrument. Many greetings from Switzerland. Erich Scheibli

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