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Cocus wood flute played by Akiyo Ueta

Dear Bernhard,

Last day our customer had a concert at my hall who are using Bernhard's flute. I'm still feel excited after the concert and get lost in the beautiful sound of Cocus. The sound of Bernhard's flute integrate well into a piano and cello. No reason that is perfect concert have organized that Cocus sound especially would be mixed match with strings. See attached the photo of concert on that day

Best greetings, Koji DAC corporation



Dear Mr. Hammig, I want to congratulate you at this point for your master craftsmanship! My new blackwood flute gives me very great pleasure, and when importing I discover each day new facets. The flute has a great sound potential, and I am amazed how it has a vibrant, viable sound in piano. It's you with this flute succeeded an excellent instrument that will be from day to day more interesting for me. It is an exciting and beautiful process for me, einzuspielen this flute in the coming weeks and months. With best wishes and greetings from Schaffhausen Marianne Knech

Dear mr. Hammig, Now that everything 'business' is done, I want to tell you again how excited I am about my new blackwood flute. Wonderful, modulation capable, soft sound with a large color palette.

Dear Bernhard Hammig,

Now that the new flute is recorded, the first concerts and the appointment geschwängerte Christmas season is over, I want to thank you again for this wonderful instrument. You always sounds better, I think. I'm addicted to the warm woody sound and discover with delight new colors.

She has been always highly praised: for example, the WO in the Bonn Kreuzkirche with Ingeborg Danz and Christoph Prégardien, during rehearsals at The Gay workshop of Strauss in the Wind Ensemble under the direction of the BOB-principal bassoonist and many more. A school music colleague (viola) at my school said, after he had just heard about a 30-bar accompanying voice to a song the children's choir, which was indeed "worth every dollar" and my flute colleagues start to wonder.

Best regards

Elisabeth Lentz-Poggel

One more sentence to the wooden flute: I am very happy with the instrument and has already been approached by colleagues, what I've got for a great instrument. The sound especially in large spaces is simply overwhelming!
Many greetings,
Stefan Oechsle

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