Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau
Bernhard Hammig Kunstwerkstätte Böhmflötenbau


In Best Hands!

If your instrument needs a readjustment, repair or overhaul, is this with us in the best hands. You can drop off or send your flute to us.

Your instrument is automatically insured through us already in packet forwarding.

We will expertly bring your instrument back to a perfect condition.

From small repairs to major repairs to the worst accident damage, including the settlement of the insurance you are provided with all around us.

Our service includes:

- overhaul
- repairs
- readjustment
- conversions
- restorations
- gold plating
- silver plating
- engraving
- value confirmations

 We offer this service of course on flutes for all brands.


Tel.: +49 (0) 7821 22802

Fax: +49 (0) 7821 32487



Dienstag 1. Mai 2018 Ausstellung in der Robert Schumann Universität in Düsseldorf ab 9.00 Uhr (beim Flötentag)


Mittwoch 2.Mai 2018 Ausstellung ind der Folkwang Universität in Essen von 10.00 Uhr bis 16.00 Uhr im alten Rektorats-zimmer W004




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